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Open Demo Account (Variable)

Open a Free Variable Demo account now with NoorCM, so you can start Practice the trading on regional equity international markets using the state-of-the-art,user-friendly NoorCM MetaTrader. Your demo account offers you a 14 day free trial period that allows you to familiarize yourself with the platforms & financial products it holds, before you start trading for real.

The fully comprehensive and NoorCM MetaTrader platform presents:

  • Real Time streaming Quotes
  • Efficient Execution
  • Real-Time P/L tracking
  • Real-time summary view of all open positions
  • Charting system
  • Historical data generation
  • Transparency & Flexibility
  • All relevant trading information displayed on screen
  • Complete information of your trading activities
  • High security
  • User-friendly and intuitive transaction.
  • Voice alarm for the price.
  • Mobile trading enabled
  • Read extensive market analysis
  • Streamed financial news

Registration is Simple and free, just complete the information and gain instant access.

NoorCM Demo