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Noorcm Annual Ghabka

Noor Capital Markets held its annual Ramadan gathering “Ghabka” at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in which it was attended by Noorcm staff and their families as well as business friends and Kuwait media representatives.

In his speech, Vice Chairman Nasser Al Marri thanked the employees for their outstanding performance, which builds a pioneering success, maintains a prestigious reputation for the company and builds a loyal customer base, which is the real achievement of Noor Capital Markets. "We celebrate today the winner of our annual trading competition and award him with the Camaro Sport car 2017 for achieving the highest profit in his account opened in our grand competition. We also honor today the other two winners who won the second and third place in the competition. We thank the participants and all our customers for their trust and loyalty in Noor Capital Markets.
Finally, he concluded, "The labor market has proven that one of the most important assets of any successful company is its working staff, Noorcm is proud of its professional and high spirit team that maintains the quality of performance and developing it from year to year. With such a team, the company has developed over the past decade in a remarkable, fast and strong manner to implement its expansionist policy in the region, the Middle East and Turkey, and we are always motivated to excel in providing our customers with the best of customer service."

Ghabka audience enjoyed its warm pleasant atmosphere, the games, gifts and dinner.