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Introducing Brokers

Noor Capital Markets "Noor CM" provides qualified & licensed companies seeking a direct entry into various multiple markets & numerous financial instruments a unique and customized Introducing Brokers program. We are experienced in supporting our wide base of Introducing Brokers with a distinctive combination of research, cutting edge trading systems with a complete product offering to their customers. Our strong established expertise can assist our IBs in broadening their business scope and revenues streams. The level of trusted services that we provide to our affiliates is what sets Noor CM apart from the rest. We value our affiliations thus we strive to understand the individuality of their business requirements and accordingly we actively provide a customized help to assist them in driving revenues and profitability. 


1. Professional Trading Platform
A professional trading platform for IBs' customers A world-class trading system, NoorCM meta trader Real-time trading capabilities Live streaming market prices from which trades can be executed instantaneously An online back office to monitor positions, balances, profit & loss, and more Quick and efficient account opening process for customers.  

2. Attractive Tailor-Made Incentive Schemes
Noor CM offers IBs competitive, volume-based commissions and depending on the IB's situation, we can tailor the incentives to suit their requirements.  

3.Online Back-Office
Noor CM provides IBs with 24/5 hour real-time access to their earned commissions. IBs can also have direct access to view their customer accounts, if this has previously been agreed with the customer. Noor CM remains selective when choosing its business partners. We require all of our IBs to comply with all local and international regulations, particularly those relating to money laundering.