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Institutional Clients

Our region is one of the fastest growing markets, with high potential investment soil & environment, That allows pioneers & innovates outside the box thinking institutions to expand beyond their accustomed Financial Markets & instruments, to reach directly & easily new grounds. This will assist them to expand their growth horizon Via the diversification of their portfolios. Noor CM will be your local Partner and your reference in the region, through providing all your needs for smooth sailing in the financial sector.

  • One of our main strength factors that our partner can benefit a great deal of, is our Research Department that is equipped and armed with not only the financial expertise & academic background but also with the understanding of the Investment mentality and culture of the region.
  • Noor CM provides their partners with financial Instruments & services needed to meet their unique needs and financial objectives using the best trading platform that technology provides. Noor CM’s team of seasoned financial professionals are committed to explaining and assisting with the highest level of knowledge and service. Institutional customers can take advantage of our competitive terms of trading to shape their hedging strategies, diversify their portfolio and penetrate new markets.